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Selling or buying a company is made so much easier with MSB and our experienced advisors.

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MSB Mergers & Acquisitions
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Selling a privately owned enterprise that has often taken years to build can be a highly emotive, challenging, and sensitive matter. MSB work intimately with each client to gain a detailed understanding of the entire business operation and consult with each client around a specific set of goals, agreeing a rigid strategy “to execute” for all stakeholders affected.


MSB work closely with a wide range of large (often global) corporations, including PLC, PE and venture capitalists. Our corporate clients are highly varied in type and size within the environmental sector, and all have their own individual board strategies and varied appetites for growth through acquisition.

Management Consultancy

If you are selling or buying a company there are always serious, highly complex considerations to take into account. Quite often the correct skills do not reside internally to properly analyse all aspects, impacts, challenges and so on to successfully complete a transaction for all stakeholders.

Corporate Finance

Our larger clients may often require corporate finance to complete on an acquisition. As part of the unique managed service offered by MSB for Merger and Acquisition activities we are able to shape and facilitate the most complex of deals through the provision of corporate funds in a highly efficient and competitive manner.


When buying or selling a company the very nature of these transactions can be extremely perplexing for the non-legal mind. Significant liabilities and future financial risk can easily occur if this process is not managed correctly.

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